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System Integrated Green & Renewable Energy Company

Lucentway is a System Integrated Green &Renewable energy company. We provide a complete solar and energy-efficient solution using LEDs to individual homes, apartment buildings, hotels, hospitals, and other commercial buildings to save their electricity bills. 

We are a group of dynamic&technical professionals whose main objective is to augment power production through green and renewable energy.

We have a very strong dedicated and energetic team of people who are always there to assist you and guide you in implementing the best possible solution for your requirements.

We are expertise in the area of renewable energy solutions that are eco-friendly, efficient & affordable.

Even though the main focus is solar solutions and high efficiency LED products, our company intends to move ahead and explore in the areas of wind and biogas plants.

We aim to provide excellent services to the client with unique techniques and hard work and thus shine in the green and renewable world as the name suggests ‘Lucentway’ which is glowing with unique techniques.

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